CARLSPRESS, Inc. is a freight forwarding company of which the main service is to transport import and export freight or luggage to be moved overseas.
We have been providing constant services with a strong sense of responsibility from beginning to end to meet the rising demand for packaging,
shipment,and door to door delivery service, etc.
With extensive experience and know-how, we are always trying to provide new services.
CARLSPRESS, Inc. is definitely the best in the field of overseas moving, ocean cargo transportation, and air freight delivery.
All the staff will try to make sure that we will always think from the viewpoint of customers in the effort to make a step closer to customers.
1. Foundation of CARLSPRESS in October of 2005.
2. Admission to the KIFFA in November of 2005.
3. Capital Increase of 300 million won in December of 2005.
4. Entry into Cargo Indemnity Insurance of 100 million won.
5. Imports and exports of 500 TEU of overseas moving cargos each year.
1. Transportation of overseas moving cargos.
2. Car service for transportation of overseas moving cargos.
3. International Freight Forwarding.
4. Air Freight Delivery
5. Long-term Storage Service for overseas moving cargos.
tel:051)512-1212  fax:051)512-1414  free call:080-511-2425
About 50 Domestic companies, including Busan Metropolitan City, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Daewoo, Samsung, Nokia, KMK.
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