Introduction of the company.

CARLSPRESS, Inc. is a freight forwarding company of which the main service is to transport
import and export freight or luggage to be moved overseas.
We have been providing constant services with a strong sense of responsibility
from beginning to end to meet the rising demand for packaging,
shipment,and door to door delivery service, etc.
With extensive experience and know-how, we are always trying to provide new services.
CARLSPRESS, Inc. is definitely the best in the field of overseas moving,
ocean cargo transportation, and air freight delivery.
All the staff will try to make sure that we will always think from the viewpoint
of customers in the effort to make a step closer to customers.

- All the members of the staff.

“We will gradually and certainly do all we can to be well qualified as the nation's
largest company specialized in overseas moving, not only improving the quality
and labor efficiency of the staff, but also activating the organization through
making active efforts for value creation and having spotless integrity."