Adjusting to the customer's circumstances and conditions,
we will proceed with a phone consultation best fitted for the local place about moving cargos including transportation items,
and about how to pack freight, how to calculate the quantities, and the freight charges, and about the entry into Cargo Indemnity Insurance,
and general matters of after-sales service. If a contract should be concluded, you will be given guidance for necessary documents for shipment.
As we draw up a contract, we shall exchange a copy of it with each other,
and you shall pay 10% of the deposit in advance. And in the course,
we will give you full explanation of the method by which to calculate the entire amount of insurance and how to take care
of troubles which may happen. Before drawing up a contract, we will work around your schedule to check the shipping date of cargos,
and, in most cases, to visit your house, which will help you give careful consideration to the contract.
We will adjust the work schedule at your convenience, based on the service conditions specified in the contract agreement.
At this time, you will be given guidance for required documents which will be needed after the transportation.
In this process, by giving previous notice of work schedule,
the company and the owner of the freight can adjust each other's schedules,
thus making sure not to see any inconvenience.
For the owner of the freight who has been previous engaged with us, we will begin an advance package process,
using various packing materials. We will be setting for a preparation work after due consideration of the specific
quality and quantity of the freight of the customer. Glassware products of various sorts will be initially packed by
aircab and toilon, and articles of furniture or articles of great bulk by scratch paper, before being packed by
packing cases. In the package process, please be sure to inform the packaging staff in advance of gas products,
securities, valuables, and goods that need to receive special attention,
so that we could be cautious in dealing with them and none of them would get damaged. After the packaging,
the shipper and the packaging staff will put a packing list on record simultaneously,
a copy of which will be distributed to each other and then they will measure the volume of the freight and accept it mutually.
When the package is done, firstly, in the case of FCR freight,
work of stuffing it into containers will be completed right away in the field,
and the container number and the room number of the freight will be checked.
It will be conveyed to the related container yard for shipping, which, at once,
will be conveyed to the port of destination. Secondly, in the case of LCL freight,
after it is gathered along with the freight on hold in our warehouse, which shall be of the same bound,
it will be conveyed to the container yard, and conveyed to the port of destination in the same manner as FCR freight.
For those who need Long-term Storage Service for overseas moving cargos,
which means that they have to send only a few of their goods abroad and to store most of their goods
for a couple of years or even more in a warehouse, we CARLSPRESS move them to a center equipped
with an advanced security system and special facilities for storage and store them out of heat and humidity.
Lots of our customers have been using our long-term storage system,
with confidence that they can place their freight in our custody free from anxiety for a long period of time,
and that they can inspect the area for the safety of the freight because the shipper will personally stuff goods into the rack,
and each house will be assigned a container for their own use.