Overseas moving is a completely different service from domestic moving.
You should be careful not to regard the former as a kind of the latter,because it could lead you to 100% mistaken service.
The freight company will apply for an insurance policy at the customer's request.
So you are strongly recommended that you should fill in the insurance documents for yourself for any further compensation possible.
All goods are encouraged to be insured. The insurance amount will be written down on the packing list on the spot on the day of package,
and the freight company and the customer will have a copy of it. Arrangement of the price will be left to the owner's arbitrary decision,
and you should arrange it with careful consideration to the fact that the price will be in connection with the insurance amount.
In many cases, customers set the price at the average price. Moving cargos are generally classified as 'ALL RISK' and 'BREAKAGE'.
Different insurance premium rates will be applied for each insurance company. General rate is 1.3%. For example,
if you have insured your goods for US $10,000 to move them to the U.S., you should pay about $130 for the insurance fee.